I hope this isn’t true [updated]

The following article talks about the disproportionate response to Iraqi aggression by US troops. As a tactic it is debatable, but is also a strategic decision. However, the British troops seem to suggest that the response is not based on strategy but on racism. I hope it’s not true. It does beg the question though, in the first Gulf War much ado was made of the precision guidance systems on our missile systems. Has our technology regressed in the interim? Or have we made the decision that these systems are too expensive to be used in limited casualties?

Link via Informed Comment.

Update: More information, including an eye-witness account, via Father Jake.

One thought on “I hope this isn’t true [updated]

  1. regarding the article linked from theage.com.au – It seems par for the course in our efforts to alienate anyone and everyone who might have supported us in our efforts . . . ugh!

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