Change of Heart on Spain

The tragedies in Spain made me angry – just like I’m sure they did for many others. However, as the amazing show of solidarity in Spanish streets shifted to the election outcome, I must admit that I had some not-so-nice things to say about what was going to happen as a result. Then, as the hostage taking episodes began in Iraq, I was all too happy to draw a causal link from Madrid to tactics in Iraq. However, I’m not so comfortable in those assertions any more. This op-ed in particular made me think again. I’m not sure where I stand now, but my thoughts about Spain are at least worth rethinking.

2 thoughts on “Change of Heart on Spain

  1. The first article you link to has a great line:

    Meanwhile, the people around them whistled and chanted slogans such as “It’s not raining, Madrid is crying” or “We were all on that train.”

    Similar to French headline “Nous sommes tous Américains” (we are all Americans), is the direct and immediate empathy people express for the victims of these attacks. That level of association with being human is what is missing from the works of Al-Qaeda.
    If you look at Hamas and Hezbollah – and this is not an endorsement or apology for either group, but a recognition of difference – they backed up their rhetoric of care for Muslims with social services in the community. They were arguably angry because of what was happening in their communities, and felt the couldn’t address the problem. Al-Qaeda is violent for the sake of violence. They have never set-up social aid groups, and lack basic empathy for other people. To me, that is the source of their reach: Anger for the sake of anger. Were they actually tied to a community – and the ummah is a theoretical community, not practical one – they might still be violent, but not have this reach.
    That’s why I think it’s important to recognize that AQ is not tied to any Muslim community. They are a community of anger that attracts Muslims. There are over a billion Muslims in the world. The human factor has to be articulated by each and every single one of us. AQ has to be so marginalized by us that they can’t be considered Muslim. Once that thin veneer of legitimacy is lost, no community based on hate can long survive.

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