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“There are no longer any signs of life along 240 kilometers”. (Reporter in helicopter over Aceh) “In this kind of a tragedy, there is no religion,” said Imam Syed Abdullah, who led a team of Indian rescue personnel in retrieving bodies along the coast. He agreed to have Muslim victims buried with others in a mass burial. “They died together in the sea. Let their souls get peace together.” “We’re concerned about providing safe water and preventing the spread of disease. For children, the next few days will be the most critical.” (Carol Bellamy, executive director, Unicef) Please give generously.…

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On van Gogh

Now the Muslim community in the Netherlands has to pay the price, and the Muslim community around the world is once painted as religious fanatics…. Even if all the trees of the world were pens And all the oceans ink With many more oceans to fill them Even then the kalim of God could not be written For God is all-knowing and all-wise.

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