So You Say You Want a Revolution…

So the hypocrites have spoken. The mullahs of Iran have said the people have spoken, with only 33% of the electorate voting. Explain to me how discouraging people from voting, eliminating people from the ballot as being poor Muslims after they have declared the shahada, declaring yourselves the true spokesmen of Islam is in keeping with Khomeini’s vision, let alone the vision of Islam as embodied by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The one thing I can take comfort in is that they held this sham election during Muharram. Hopefully the Shi’ah sensibilities of the Iranian population will take over, and they will recall the martyrdom of Imam Husayn was based on his attempt to overthrow an illegitimate regime. It’s time for a new revolution in Iran, to throw off the false keepers of Islam, and to bring back the promise of intellectually open and honest governmental system, that is informed by the grand principles of the faith and not shackled by pendants and bombasts who bury the Majesty in the minutiae.

I hope that the shut down of open discourse brings people out into the streets. I hope they come screaming “Ya Husayn” and take back the symbol of nobility from those who would use it as a weapon of fear.