Gaza Crisis [1/9]

Apologies for absence. Some more immediately personal concerns to deal with:

  1. Joe the Plumber is going to cover the conflict in Israel, but apparently not Gaza. Because he is Christian, he will be safe. It is only Jews and Muslims who are unsafe. What of the Palestinian Christians? Are they not true Christians? Or is JtP the truest of Christians and therefore Christ-like? h/t Atrios.
  2. Bilal actually interviewed Palestinians as to what they thought of Obama. Although it is from prior to the current crisis, it is still instructive.
  3. Bridezilla hints at something that is on my mind. This cannot be seen as a religious conflict from a Muslim’s perspective. It is a matter of great destruction and death that should concern us, rather than religious ghetto mentality. More on this point to come. h/t Andrea.
  4. Reflection on a Gaza reporter, from a Jewish friend.
  5. What does Never Again mean? Good to see these guys back.
  6. Everybody’s wrong. Stop the violence.
  7. Hamas cannot stop Israel’s war.
  8. Israel will ignore Security Council resolution. (sorry, I know it’s fact now, but still interesting read.)
  9. Israel created Hamas and is making them stronger.
  10. The Ethos of Death.
  11. Richard at Tikun Olam continues to be an amazing resource:
  12. Juan Cole on the ceasefire violation.
  13. Hebrew University of Jerusalem against the state.
  14. A Jew’s Prayer.
  15. Why Gaza is hard for some people. I think this is an important point. It’s not about seeing all sides, it’s about knowing all sides. See Mona’s related piece.
  16. Jimmy Carter on the issue. Some reflections on the piece.
  17. Options to do something.
  18. Does this mean that the Gaza crisis can only be justified by moral relativism? Isn’t that a liberal stance?
  19. Haroon points to two good videos.
  20. On Israeli censorship.
  21. Five thoughts on Gaza.
  22. Celebrity action on Gaza. Laila and Ted have details.
  23. George Orwell on Gaza.
  24. What has never been said to Israel by the US?
  25. Laila points to an article on international law and one on what it means if any Palestinians live.
  26. Chris Hedges reflects on Nizar Rayan. via here.
  27. Does Israel need to be held to a higher standard than Hamas?
  28. Critiquing Zionism. via here.
  29. Palestinian revenge. via MoorishGirl.