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“Change cannot wait for tomorrow”

300 young Muslim Leaders from 75 countries set the agenda for positive change

Doha, Qatar – January 16-18, 2009

The weekend of Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, DC, a new generation of dynamic Muslim leaders spanning the spectrum of ethnicity, ideology and profession will gather to mobilize a global Muslim movement for peace, justice and the common good.

Doha, Qatar — January 2, 2009 — In an historic time of change and diversity, young Muslim leaders from a broad range of countries are convening to push for change from within the global Muslim community. An Italian imam, a Saudi fashion designer, an Iranian rapper, a Pakistani madrasa reformer, an American blogger, and a Dutch lawyer are among the participants attending the 2009 Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow conference. This new generation of community-based, forward-thinking Muslim leaders will come together to share a wide range of strategies and leadership styles, to “make tomorrow a day when Muslims are known around the world as people of peace,” in the words of one invitee.

These young Muslim leaders—from Senegal to Somalia, Indonesia to Iraq, Britain to Bahrain, and Kosovo to Kuwait —will propose innovative solutions to challenges facing Muslims globally such as crisis of religious authority, violent extremism, competing values, and strained relations with the West.

The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow are answering a global call for change on behalf of the world’s Muslim community and will communicate their shared message of tolerance and progressive leadership by authoring a joint statement addressed to today’s global leadership.


The participants will author and sign a major document entitled “An Open Letter to the World Leaders of Today from the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow”—a unique petition with policy recommendations addressed to both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders to be distributed across international media.

Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow will attend a Doha Debate, entitled “This House believes that political Islam is a threat to the West,” to be chaired by award-winning broadcaster Tim Sebastian and aired on BBC World News.

A “Marketplace of Ideas” will showcase multiple initiatives – founded and led by artists, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, civil society leaders, and religious leaders – that all aim for positive change.

The 2009 Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Doha Conference is organized by the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), in collaboration with the Cordoba Initiative and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (AoC). It is being sponsored by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID). For more information on the conference or to set up interviews with participants, please contact Rushda Majeed, 212-879-2552 x 2, For media accreditation and logistics, please contact Daanish Masood, (917) 367-9963,

The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) Program

Creating the Next Generation of Muslim Leaders

The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) is a global program, social network, and grassroots movement meant to cultivate the next generation of young Muslim leaders. By empowering young, dynamic Muslim leaders from all walks of life, the MLT program creates a platform to promote their message and develop the tools needed to galvanize lasting social change worldwide. The MLT program generates a free and open public space where this community can vigorously debate ideas, share best practices, and help one another become better leaders. With ethnic, religious and social diversity as key strengths, the MLTs are stepping up as spokespersons and activists for peace and tolerance around our globe today. MLT is the largest global program creating a new generation of Muslim civic leadership.

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