Some ranting and raving

Coming soon to a bar near you. Muslim Ninja Women.

Civil Comment has a good write up on Bush’s approval ratings and the rising gas prices. I wonder if $4 gallon will compel Detroit and the American public to re-think the SUV? The rise in prices is a boon to Saudi Arabia. More money to fund madrassas and the demolition of Mecca and Medina

Alt Muslim leads with a interesting read on Islam in the US prison system

What happened to the Karl Rove controversy? It seems to have disappeared.

Why did this country spend so much time on Monicagate, but why are we blind to the quagmire that is Iraq and completely apathetic to the lives lost and the justification given?

Anyone see the picture in the NY Times (I think it was the Times) a few days ago of a pile of burnt and destroyed Qurans? I believe that it was a Shia mosque which was targetted by insurgents in Iraq. Why no uproar? Where is Imran Khan when you need him?

If you are ever in Boston, head to Santarpios for lamb and pizza. Its the best.

One thought on “Some ranting and raving

  1. Ghostdog,
    Thanks for the tip on Cafe de Paris. Last night, I had the steak fries (steak sauteed in an unbelievable amount of butter) and salad. It was great! I like bistros except I have to re-adjust to the European smoking habit while I’m eating in a restaurant. Also warmed up my French a little. First day of the WSIS coming up!

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