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Reading the Qur’an – Part 2 – Interpreting and Translating

Finally, I’m getting around to writing the second part of my three part post on Reading the Qur’an. (Parts 1 and 3) The catalyst for this event was this post by Abu Dilbert (yes, that Scott Adams). Part one of the series talked about the Arabic of the Qur’an and scholarly apparatus of the Sunni community that developed to deal with interpreting the word of God. The idea that God’s word is not necessarily clear to humans should come as no surprise, and when you introduce translations, the problem is further compounded. Most Muslims view any translation as actually an…

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Reading Iran

Via MoorishGirl (have you bought her book yet?) I found this wonderful list from Azar Nafisi (of Reading Lolita in Tehran fame) on books on Iran. Her list: (asterisks are ones I’ve read) Encyclopedia Iranica (*as much as one reads an encyclopedia) The Blindfold Horse: Memories of a Persian Childhood Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope My Uncle Napoleon (*I just saw the new edition of the English translation. I’ve read the original Persian, and it’s a hoot.) Persepolis [vol. 1 and vol. 2] (*love it) Strange Times My Dear The Secret of Laughter Rubaiyat…

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Unicycle Updates – A Marathon on a Unicycle

Of Joggling 26.2 Miles & Afghanistan — an invitation for support! THIS SUNDAY (April 16): National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered — interview slated for 5 pm show. Boston Globe Toronto Star —- The results… a new US and world record* for joggling! I finished in 2:58:23, about 911th place in a field of 20,000, and breaking my previous world record by 8:42. Michal Kapral, national joggling champion of Canada, came in 3:06:45, which broke my Philadelphia marathon record time by 20 seconds. We hung together until the 17 mile mark and then I picked it up for the…

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Poem for Milad un-Nabi

The Prophet’s Legacy Listen, O brothers! In the ocean of faith, the Qur’an is the most precious pearl of Muhammad. Just as every king keeps his treasure concealed, the Qur’an is the hidden treasure of Muhammad. Observer well, who do you see as the custodian of this treasure and the trustee of Muhammad? Just as you leave your treasure to your children, there is a legacy for the children of Muhammad. Do you not see that the pearls of faith cannot come from anyone except the children of Muhammad? This treasure was entrusted to one person only, worthy of being…

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Watch the kids, but then get out.

I admit that I have not been following the immigration debate as closely as I should have. The issue seems to be a watershed event and raised the spector of a new political force, even though the majority of the people interested in this issue cannot as yet vote. This country was founded by immigrants and has become wealthy on the back of immigrants. I am not sure how much of the debate is centered on economic and social issues and how much is plain xenophobia. Certainly since 9/11 the lens by which view immigration has changed. Is this the…

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