Unicycle Updates – A Marathon on a Unicycle

Of Joggling 26.2 Miles & Afghanistan — an invitation for support!

THIS SUNDAY (April 16): National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered — interview slated for 5 pm show.

Boston Globe

Toronto Star


The results… a new US and world record* for joggling!

I finished in 2:58:23, about 911th place in a field of 20,000, and breaking my previous world record by 8:42. Michal Kapral, national joggling champion of Canada, came in 3:06:45, which broke my Philadelphia marathon record time by 20 seconds. We hung together until the 17 mile mark and then I picked it up for the hills.

Had some good press on NPR and CBS and a few others, though they cut short or cut out everything in these interviews related to our charities… We’ll try to get them in again on CNN later this week, and ESPN the next.

This is not the last of Kapral! The Scotia Bank marathon has offered to sponsor us for another duel on his home turf, in Canada.

Body feels like a cross between gumby and the tin man. Thanks for all your support !! Extra thanks to Debby for organizing race day and keeping me sane, to Ty, Andreas, Duncan and Dana for help in preparing and distributing the fundraising materials with pizazz (and juggling balls), and to my competitor, Michal, who has a heart of gold.


Joggling on TV

Boston Globe

The Globe piece includes the websites 🙂 hooray!

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