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  1. A ridiculous get-up, to be sure. But religious eccentricity aside, I think we can support the right of a person to dress like an idiot unless it contravenes some law of general application. I’m reminded of the Salafi woman who sued Florida, and lost, because she wanted to be masked, ie. niqab, when her drivers’ license photo was taken. In that case, the woman’s quackery reasonably should give way to the state’s interest in clear identification on a drivers’ license. But if she otherwise chooses to wear a black tent over her entire body when outdoors, why should the law object?

  2. Tony, no argument. I don’t believe the law should object, within certain parameters. But I think it should be highlighted that the law should not require it. Certain communities of interpretation may desire it, but it is not a universal edict.
    BTW, did you try to comment on something else recently? I got a corrupt email with your address, and have been meaning to follow-up.

  3. I did re your post on the DOJ’s failures that you believe have not been covered widely in the press. I asked for particular examples of the cases to which you were referring.
    BTW, Ramadan Mubarak (belatedly).

  4. People should be allowed to dress like idiots if they want. What angered me is her justification. From the article, her words:

    “I wear the veil because it is a law,” she said. “It is an obligation of my faith.”

    It’s not.

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