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If you are translating from a language other than English, please include the original text as well…. What you send in does not have to do with Islam in any way, the site is more to get a place for people to be exposed to new literature.

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A Self-Reflexive Moment

We started this blog in October of 2003 (I really should have marked the date), so we have now completed one year on the web…. The last few months, we have become focused on the Presidential election, and while we are not a strictly political blog, we will need to re-center once the President is announced (date TBA).

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Hope in a time of despair

The New England Patriots are undefeated, the Red Sox just completed one of the most memorable comebacks in baseball history and are champions, and just today, Slate has put Kerry ahead of Bush in the Electoral College leading into Tuesday’s election. For the first time in months, I am optimistic. I have hope. I know there is ambivalence about Kerry, but I like the man. He has convinced me over the course of the past few months that he is a good man, he is thoughtful, and will act with great care and consideration before pursuing a course of action…

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