Hope in a time of despair

The New England Patriots are undefeated, the Red Sox just completed one of the most memorable comebacks in baseball history and are champions, and just today, Slate has put Kerry ahead of Bush in the Electoral College leading into Tuesday’s election. For the first time in months, I am optimistic. I have hope.

I know there is ambivalence about Kerry, but I like the man. He has convinced me over the course of the past few months that he is a good man, he is thoughtful, and will act with great care and consideration before pursuing a course of action that could have serious reprucussions for this country. His position on Israel does bother me, but I am not a one issue person. I am concerned about the the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Patriot Act. Bush has wiped his ass with the first two.

Bush supporters point to his decisiveness and willingness to be straightforward and blunt. Remember “Bring it on”? Well the insurgents brought it on, and will continue while our troops die. There is nothing wrong with admitting that a policy was wrong or has failed. It requires humility. This president believes that he is not wrong. How can he be if God has inspired his actions. This is scary, because in the end anything can be justified and has. Over 100’000 civilians dead in Iraq. Lets put this in terms that Americans can understand: this represents 33 September 11ths. The Iraqis did not ask to be attacked. Neither did we. Are we safer? Where is OBL?

I am hopeful. This is a good thing, perhaps the best thing.
I hope then that you will all execise your right to vote,
I hope that this country will once again be a place where rule of law, democracy, and liberty are held in the highest regard.
I hope that when I wake up on Wednesday, America is once again the land of opportunity for all its citizens
I hope that our we are one nation under God, Allah, Budda, Krishna, and that makes us a kinder, gentler nation.
I hope that we as a people can help those less fortunate here at home and around the world.
I hope….
(inspired by the Shawshank Redemption)