A Self-Reflexive Moment

Dear Readers,

Today, 31 October 2004, represents a significant date for islamicate. We started this blog in October of 2003 (I really should have marked the date), so we have now completed one year on the web. Thank you all for reading and helping to keep us going. The last few months, we have become focused on the Presidential election, and while we are not a strictly political blog, we will need to re-center once the President is announced (date TBA). We do intend to held whoever the next President is to close scrutiny, but the urgency of the election will have passed.

Today is also the midpoint of Ramadan. Charity is an important principle in Islam, and Muslims are often more aware of that principle during this month. These two articles (1, 2) highlight how difficult it is for Muslims to give to Muslim charities. I personally give to charity regardless of whether or not it’s by or for Muslims. In that vein, there is a new list on the left called “Good Will.” The list is currently small and is composed of charities I give to. It’s not meant to be exhaustive, and would welcome other suggestions in comments.

Finally, because of the one-year anniversary of islamicate, we’ve decided to launch a sub-site Qalandar. More on that site will appear in a separate post.

Thank you again for reading us and writing here.


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