Shimon Peres Gets Items on Islam

This blurb is kind of cool. Any major news links people know of? I can’t get anything through the Google. The items are: “Under the Eaves of Architecture: The Aga Khan: Builder and Patron” (Philip Jodidio) “Historical Atlas of Islam” (Malise Ruthven) “An Islamic Conscience: the Aga Khan and the Ismailis” (Bill Cran;Shamir Allibhai;Jane Chablani)

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Event: Interfaith Vigil for Victims & Survivors of Torture June 26th‏

TWO KEY EVENTS SPONSORED BY Metro NY Religious Campaign Against Torture (MNYRCAT), Amnesty International and other organizations ARE HAPPENING ON JUNE 26th – U.N. Day in Remembrance of the Victims and Survivors of Torture June 26th – 6 p.m. – Dag Hammarskjold Plaza – Interfaith Press Conference in Which Denominational Leaders will Announce Their Denomination’s Opposition to Torture followed by a procession to: June 26th – 7 p.m. – U.N. Chapel – Interfaith Prayer Service in Remembrance of the Victims & Survivors of Torture. (Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is at 47th and First Avenue. U.N. Chapel is across from the U.N.…

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Religion and the Legacy of Slavery

This is an older post that never got posted for some reason. ————————- You won’t hear the word “nigger” on broadcast TV anymore. It means you won’t hear “sand nigger” or “kike” or “gook” either. The lack of degrading names is the great victory of “liberal” media. The reality is that race, and constructions of racial power, constitute one of the most important subtexts in American public discourse. Racist language persists in most parts of mainstream media, but it is now heavily coded. Dave Neiwert does an admirable job of trying to decode that language on his blog Orcinus (read…

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