Eating Your Own

In the last month three articles have come out regarding the Muslim attack on Islamist ideologues.

Chris Dickey came out in Newsweek with a few good examples in the Muslim majority world. My two (minor) gripes are that he didn’t mention the stuff happening here in the US, for example, that’s been going on much longer, and the gates of ijtihad never closed for the Shi’ah, so the debate is very different.

Lawrence Wright has a wonderful piece in The New Yorker that highlights the nuances involved in the ideological dispute happening in AQ now. Most importantly what emerges is that the intellectual vacuum that exists at AQ is becoming larger and more apparent.

Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank have a piece at The New Republic I’m working through now that is just full of amazing intimate detail as to the lack of cohesion amongst ideologues.

One thought on “Eating Your Own

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