McCain Loves Dead Americans

Let’s be clear, if you vote for McCain you may as well put up a bumper sticker that says “The only good American is a dead American.” His policies are guaranteed to result in more and more death, not only for Americans, but for people all around the world. I’m furious that he’s even considered a real candidate for the presidency. I offer as evidence of his blood-thirsty ignorance the following:

McCain has repeatedly claimed that Iran is training Al-Qaeda. We heard this canard back in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Let us be clear: AQ is an organization that is determined to kill Shiah, and create an Arab-centric version of Islam that starts from the moment of OBL’s birth. The Iranians are Shiah and Persian, not Arab. They will not work together.

In case anyone doubts me, you can see the violent reaction working with Shiahs in Iraq solicits amongst the AQ types here.

If McCain, the man who claims to have the most foreign policy experience, doesn’t understand this basic point, why would you think he can lead this country?

2 thoughts on “McCain Loves Dead Americans

  1. Welcome back. Plenty to talk about, I’m sure. Sadly, I think McCain’s misunderstandings will result in exactly what you suggest. Just today, the lunatic fringe spokesman, UBL, posted a new message that Iraq was the “perfect base” for jihad. Rather than reject AQ’s narrative and playing their game, I predict sadly that the Republicans will jump on this statement as a reason to stay in Iraq.

  2. Good to hear from you Tony. I’ve said repeatedly that the best supporters that AQ has are the Republican Party who believe in doing whatever OBL wants to bring about religious warfare. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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