Is Torture Utilitarian?

Glad other people are speaking up about the immorality of torture.

As politicians argue, and our pragmatist-in-chief tries to find an angle, we can agree that not all moral dilemmas can be reduced to a cost-benefit analysis of pleasure and pain. There are some kinds of pain a morally serious person ought never to inflict. [From Is Torture Utilitarian?]

2 thoughts on “Is Torture Utilitarian?

  1. Since most experts, and expert interrogators, agree that torture does not work, why is it used? Out of sadistic pleasure? As a warning to others, so that it makes them fear you? Or out of revenge? These psychological, political and emotional responses are all too human, and the reason why torture is against international law, and most countries’ laws as well.
    Ya Haqq!

  2. I wish I had an answer. I am shocked and disturbed that no one seems to care about this. I was shocked and disturbed at the torture accusations from years ago, but now we know!

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