Torturing America

Via Juan Cole, it seems that we’ve been holding innocent people and torturing them for fun. CNN is reporting from a different source that torture is being carried out by us. I say “we” because we are all complicit in this act. As Americans we should be holding ourselves to a higher standard, and demand that our representatives hold themselves to an even higher standard than that. Everywhere we turn we see how deep the wrong-doing done in our name has spread. We deny the truth, just as our representatives do.

Every time one of these people is flogged, our great nation is flogged to, and we are weakened and humiliated.

As people of faith, do we not recognize when Moses stopped the whipping? Do we not feel the pain of Jesus as he was nailed to the cross? Are we not apprehensive as Muhammad the night of the hijra? Do we not weep for the tragedy of Kerbala?

There is a story of the Prophet Abraham that is told about his treatment of guests. The moral is to treat everyone as God because you don’t know when it will be. Is it too much to treat other people as human beings? Do we think these actions bring rewards? Are these not war crimes?

It pains me as an American and as a Muslim to know what is being done in my name.