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McCain Loves Dead Americans

Let’s be clear, if you vote for McCain you may as well put up a bumper sticker that says “The only good American is a dead American.” His policies are guaranteed to result in more and more death, not only for Americans, but for people all around the world. I’m furious that he’s even considered a real candidate for the presidency. I offer as evidence of his blood-thirsty ignorance the following: McCain has repeatedly claimed that Iran is training Al-Qaeda. We heard this canard back in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Let us be clear: AQ…

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Intra-faith Religion

Eid Milad

Today is the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday. Most Muslim celebrate this day to acknowledge that God sent us a message, a messenger, and a role-model. The day is used to remind us of God’s blessings and our struggle to live up to the highest ideals of the faith. Eid Mubarak. Prophet Muhammad, holidays

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