Book Review: “Muslim Women in America”

Not my review, and the only reason I highlight this review is because the reviewer gets it:

The authors admit that their book “concentrates primarily on Muslim women who are actively affirming Islam.” Skeptics, doubters and agnostics are scarcely acknowledged (Irshad Manji, the controversial author of the important work The Trouble With Islam, is disposed of in a paragraph). The book’s unstated focus is Sunni Islam and the (African-American) Nation of Islam. Little attention is paid to women’s experiences in Ahmadiyyah, Ismaili Shia or Twelver Shia communities—all of which are thriving in the United States. (The Islamic scholar Linda Walbridge’s research on American Shia communities would have been useful for the authors to consult.)

The reviewer understands that there are different Muslim communities, and that they do have different concerns. Good for her.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Muslim Women in America”

  1. ditto on that!
    I’ll plug the anthology I’m in, though. There’s a stronger shi’i presence in there, though I’ve no idea whether there’s diversity in that subset or if it’s just a bunch of us jafari folks…. It WOULD be nice to have something out there with some from everyone, though. I’d definitely read it.

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