Updating TypeLists

Added 1001 Inventions (finally) to “islaam salaam.” They’ve also got a blog now, which I just noticed. Added Progressive Islam (go Ali and co.) to “moslemeque.” They’ve chosen as their tag line an ayat from one of my favorite surahs, both for its content and its oral/aural component.

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Zizou for President

This Sunday, France and Italy will play in the finals of the World Cup. It has been a wild ride this month, one that I enjoyed thoroughly. I am not a big football fan and do not watch or follow any particular team or league during the year. The only time I watch is every four years during the World Cup. I like the event, because I have seen firsthand the power of football to unite people and countries. This World Cup has become a defining moment for Germany since unification. Even the Turks in Germany are supporting the national…

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Books Intra-faith

Book Review: “Muslim Women in America”

Not my review, and the only reason I highlight this review is because the reviewer gets it: The authors admit that their book “concentrates primarily on Muslim women who are actively affirming Islam.” Skeptics, doubters and agnostics are scarcely acknowledged (Irshad Manji, the controversial author of the important work The Trouble With Islam, is disposed of in a paragraph). The book’s unstated focus is Sunni Islam and the (African-American) Nation of Islam. Little attention is paid to women’s experiences in Ahmadiyyah, Ismaili Shia or Twelver Shia communities—all of which are thriving in the United States. (The Islamic scholar Linda Walbridge’s…

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