My Thoughts on “God Is Not One” at Patheos

Patheos was kind enough to let me into their book club on God is not One, by Stephen Prothero. An excerpt is below. Please go to Patheos to read the whole, and submissions by other authors. Prothero takes the time to respond to all of us.

Muslim Blogger Hussein Rashid on “God Is Not One” | {Take & Read}.

Stephen Prothero’s new book, God is not One, expands on the themes of earlier book Religious Literacy. In particular, as the title suggests, he attacks the notion that all religions are one as being “a lovely sentiment but it is dangerous, disrespectful, and untrue” (pg. 2-3). It is a view for which I have a great deal of sympathy. The idea that religions do not, in their essence, mean anything is fairly troubling. It is not a way to end conflict, but, as Prothero argues, a way to avoid real, serious discussion. I am not arguing from a perspective that we need to determine the validity of religious traditions, which is a theological discussion. Rather, I am trying to work with Prothero’s religious studies framework, where we can say that these traditions are all equally valid without saying they are the same.