On a Jewish Tip

The Union for Reform Judaism is encouraging its members to refuse money from the Dept. of Homeland Security because it violates the separation between church and state. That’s a bold stand, and I wish it would have gotten picked up by the mainstream media. This debate is one that needs to take place, and urgently. Faith based initiatives will become a bigger issue for Bush once he comes back from his man date.

Also, a group that specializes in the settlement of Russian Jewish immigrants in NY has made a Latino, presumably Catholic, its president. I can’t imagine any of the current national Muslim organizations choosing the best person to head them, just the best Muslim.

3 thoughts on “On a Jewish Tip

  1. I appreciate your sharing this piece of information regarding the separation of church and state. I personally (a Jewish woman) am greatly concerned about the erosion of this constitutional protection. I believe that losing it would hurt us all, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Janist and the like.
    Wishing my Muslim friends a meaningful end to the month of Ramadan.

  2. D, I laughed until I cried. Thank you for that.
    Leah, merci for the Ramadan/Eid wishes. I worry deeply about the Constitution regularly now. The Supreme Court appointees will be crucial in trying to keep America America.

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