ethnics, religics and electics

So the Muslim community got itself organized to vote. Not convince though that the article makes it sound like the Muslims knew what was as stake. I would imagine there are easier ways of getting deported than voting for Bush, but what do I know. I’m a member of the liberal elite. Is part of the problem, at least for Pakistanis, is that they aren’t watching “must see TV?” I actually the argument has a lot of potential. To be fair, just because Indians might be more organized at the political level, doesn’t mean they are aware of the issues facing them in this country either.

On a more positive note, Mayor Bloomberg does a good thing by reminding the NYPD that they are not immigration officers and they exist to protect and serve everyone. He didn’t need to, and the fact that he did in this climate needs a double “alhamdulillah.”

Also in NY, Columbia had its conference on Muslims in NY. Somebody besides the readers of this blog knew about it and did a short write-up of it. I wonder if they’ll do a follow-up study about the election.

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