Fear and Hate

For those of you who don’t know an organization called the Clarion Fund (see TPM for more on this group) sponsored the release of a virulently anti-Muslim and borderline anti-Semitic DVD in five swing states (see Haroon’s blog for more on this. He’s really been doing the Yeoman’s work here.)

When I was asked about this DVD a couple of weeks ago, I joked that it was going to be released in German as Untermenschen, because it is clearly the inheritor of Goebbel’s vision. Little did I realize how prophetic I was. A mosque was attacked in Dayton, Ohio, one of the states that received the DVD. In particular the infant’s room was targeted. We are no longer human. See HuffPo, State of Belief, and Street Prophets for more, including how to help.

I took my children to Toys R Us for their Eid gift, and some man started calling us “fucking terrorists.” I started yelling back at him. I am not going to have them dehumanized at any age. That anger and rage is so easy to give into. I am still furious. I want payback and my head tells me the best way to get it is to continue to build the bridges that makes the lunatic fringe the fringe, and to take the microphone away from them.

God bless the children.