Dumping of the Links

Can Islam Change? I would have liked it better if he asked “Can Muslims Change,” but the points are still interesting.

I am loving Bollywood Muslim.

The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimin) in the US.

Ohio Muslims engaged in the process.

Michael Muhammad Knight on Progressive Islam. (I agree with him on CAIR and ISNA).

Reconstruction and Planning Kabul. [PDF]

Don’t stop Batman, stop the Brownie.

A take on the second debate that I never would have had.


3 thoughts on “Dumping of the Links

  1. So Michael knight feels good about ISNA
    because he claims he saw Muslim kids have
    booze and sex.Not because ISNA gave us the
    chance to hear leading scholars discuss issues
    that affect the Ummah.This is the same guy
    who by his own admission carried copies of
    his book in discarded beer boxes.And claims
    he is a radical feminist cause he played behind a woman.
    What a pathetic, juvenile loser he has turned out to be. And why are you promoting him anyway?

  2. I should have been more specific: I agree with him that ISNA and CAIR do not necessarily represent the American Muslim community. I do occasionally post links to/about things I don’t support 100%, but which I find make me think. The usually caveat applies here as it does in real life, simply because I mention something doesn’t mean it represents my own thinking on the matter. You’ll actually be seeing a few more of the posts soon, but I will be better about trying to clarify my own position.

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