Rashid Khalidi [Updated]


There’s a move to push Khalidi’s book, The Iron Cage, into the public consciousness. I haven’t read this particular book, but it’s en route. Get yours here.

Juan Cole has some more information.

Rosenberg at TPM Café (one of my favorite writers over there)

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Prof. Rashid Khalidi is under fire once more. Apparently John McCain gave him some money and some Republicans don’t like the fact that McCain is running a virulently xenophobic campaign, and borderline anti-Semitic one that treats Jews as mindless, sub-human, single-issue voters, while at the same time funding a xeno.

Prof. Khalidi has two other strikes against him:

  1. He believes that peace in the Middle East is possible; and he want to work towards this peace.
  2. He knows Barack Obama.

I’m not sure why this is relevant to the presidential race for either candidate, but it out there.

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In 2005 Prof. Khalidi, amongst others, was the target of a smear campaign by a group known as the “David Project.” I have to ask why individuals with no connection to academia, enter the academy to target faculty? Why do individuals, such as Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer, who are not capable of functioning in academia judge the quality of works of other academics? The recent attacks against Prof. Khalidi come out of the anti-academic and anti-intellectual smears that have been gaining momentum over the last few years. There is a clear dislike for those who are intellectually capable and qualified, because their critics are not. There is a dislike for peacemakers, because peacemaking takes intelligence and patience. Warmongering is for those who have neither. The Jewish community is nothing more than a set piece of stereotypes to be manipulated by these critics, and any one who works with Jews that deviate from these stereotypes are targets.

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