What’s wrong with CNN? [updated]

I have problems with CNN’s news coverage, but occasionally they do some things that really bother me. On American Morning, there was a story (between 9:50 AM and 10:00 AM) about the US Postal Service pulling it’s sponsorship of Lance Armstrong because an audit revealed they weren’t getting enough of a return on the investment. Jack Cafferty (sp?) says it’s because USPS is going to spend more time on “those Islamic stamp.” What stamps? What a non-sequitur! Was he making a cheap and acceptable shot at Muslims?

Then he’s doing a segment where he solicits feedback on a topic, in this case P. Tillman’s death and whether the focus on the individual devalues the sacrifice others have made. One of the people who emailed in was from “Palestine, TX” according to his email. Cafferty read it at “Pales-teen” as opposed to “Pales-tine.” He had read it that way earlier in the morning and I thought he made a mistake. Now it seems that he just refuses to say Palestine.

What the hell is going on over at CNN?

Update: I have been corrected. The pronunciation of the Texas city is in fact “Pales-teen.” Probably should have done the Google before posting, but Cafferty annoyed me with the stamp comment.

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  1. I think that Palestine, TX may actually be pronouced “Palace-Teen” just as Cairo, IL is pronouced “Kay-Ro” and Pierre, SD is pronouced “peer” instead of “Pea-Air”.

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