What’s the story behind this?

Look at this picture. I know the bloggers say “enough said,” and at first blush I agree. But what’s the source? When was this taken? Have there been an repercussions? We need more information. Can anyone help out?

2 thoughts on “What’s the story behind this?

  1. Here’s a few links I dug up from various blogs from a brief mention of this on my site a few weeks ago:
    The first link is most interesting for the comments by the techies…both might be fake, but the second one (the “saved” one) appears to be the most likely candidate for a photo shop job.
    From what I understand, the Marine Corp did an investigation, closed it, and then reopened it. I haven’t heard the final result of the investigation.

  2. This picture made me physically ill when I first saw it and it is still very painful to look at. Who the hell would think this is funny? I can’t believe anyone would do this to anyone else — especially children.
    The Marine is definitely under investigation. If this picture is a photoshop job, it should be very easy for him to produce the real one and clear it up. If he DID do this, then he needs to be dishonorably discharged from the military AT THE VERY LEAST, IMHO.

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