F You!

The fatwa has arrived. Of course, such condemnations are not new. However, as long as things like this keep getting in the news, it’s good. More Muslims are forced to confront that there can be no horror at the actions, while having sympathy for the cause. Al-Qaeda is a disease, the disease of ignorance. The pestilence has run through the Muslim community for hundreds of years, and rather than confront it, beat back the major carrier, we condemn the symptoms and leave the disease untreated because we have become so used to it, we can’t imagine life with it. AQ is a carrier. We must immunize ourselves and stop the spread of ignorance. People like OBL and “mullah” Mohamed Omar are like gangrenous flesh – the result of the extended presence of the disease, and if they are not cut out, they will destroy the rest of the body.

2 thoughts on “F You!

  1. welcome back. like your site’s new look.
    fatwas good. hulk smash better. i think, as a community, we need to be shouting at every opportunity, this is not who we are.

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