All news outlets issue a correction

All news outlets today in the US issued an apology for calling Muqtada as-Sadr a cleric. The lack of clerics in the Islamic tradition clearly makes such a title incorrect. In addition, as-Sadr has no official standing in the hierarchy of Ithna’ashari religious scholars, making any title inappropriate and granting him an unwarranted level of legitimacy.

If only the press would bother learning to read. Rhetorical question: Can one write without knowing how to read?

2 thoughts on “All news outlets issue a correction

  1. I wish it was an actual retraction. I posted it on the off-chance someone like yourself would read it and just take the text. It’s more wishful thinking. Can you imagine all the news outlets in the US getting together officially? And to admit they’ve made a huge mistake? O’Reilly and Franken break bread! I’d pay the money to get them the bread

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