Damn Them! [updated]

CNN is reporting that there have been several people detained for the Spain bombings, and it appears more likely now that they are killing in the name of Islam. Since they have chosen to use a thin veneer of religion to justify their blind, ignorant hate, allow me to respond to them with religious language. Damn them! May God take the people responsible for these attacks and burn them in the hottest hell-fires. May they feel the fear, pain and anguish they have inflicted upon others a thousandfold. Damn them!

If they want to use religious language, let them. True Muslims can use the same language to fight against their hateful rhetoric. Only God may judge intentions, and by acting as judges themselves, they are apostates. They are either denying the word of God, or they believe themselves to be God. I will not sit by and have my faith sullied by these types of animals. They claim to be angry and they claim to be Muslim. I am telling you I am angry and I am a Muslim. Damn them!

There have to be more angry Muslims out there, and just because the media won’t report on us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up. A billion people denying these beasts, will make them fear using our faith to excuse their hate. Damn them!

[update] It’s official now. Al-Qaeda, or some al-Qaeda wannabe, is claiming responsibility for the Madrid attacks. It seems every news organization in the world has seen the tape except CNN. SMH is reporting that the attackers are claiming this event happened two years after 9/11, a claim that is clearly wrong. However, a friend pointed out to me last night the attacks did happen 911 days after 9/11. I keep getting 912 in my math, but I trust him more than my mathematical abilities. Damn them!