Australia, Muslims, Hate Speech

Did you know Muslim men can trade in their wives like used cars? Neither did I, but apparently it’s in the “Koran.” I’m not sure if mentions used cars specifically, or more like used camels. I’ve never seen this version of the “Koran” before, but anti-Muslim pastor in Australia says it’s in there, so it must be true. I don’t know if I like this idea of legislating tolerance to be honest, I struggle with hate crimes legislation in the US as well. This trial though is bringing me a great deal of comic relief as I realize what people actually think of Islam (my only other possible response would be a deep seated despair which would make “The Metamorphosis” – Kafka’s, not Ovid’s – seem like a walk in the park). Did you know too, that Muslims condemn theft? Oh horrors! And they are to forgive if the criminal is repentant, but that’s not important. Apparently Muslims like(d) to steal eggs. Perhaps to go with Valjean’s bread?

One thought on “Australia, Muslims, Hate Speech

  1. well the problem hea is u believe whateva u hear! thingz arent alwayz true…i think u should kno that by now! ur usin whatchu heard to support whatchu think about muslims. well would u like pple supporting a jew’s wealth and cheapness by stupid evidence…u heard of the joke, “jews got big noses cuz the air is free!” sorry if i offended u in any way, but im trying to make a point so hear me out! i aint hea to make fun or criticize jews, in fact i got freindz that are jews as well as every other backgroundz, racez, n religionz. im not shallow minded at all, but to show ur narrowmindedness i took a step in ur shoes and gave u taste of ur own shyt! well neway in case u wonderin, imma muslim chik and im fully aware the world was corrupt in the past, females were certainly treated inferiorly but not only muslims females but the entire sex of females, and its unfortunate that sum females are still treated that way today, but definitely not all!! the world has definitely changed and hopefully on the verge of improvin. but look, its not the religion at fault, the woman choose to be muslim…we want to be muslim…we praise being muslim! Yo Im rlly curious of where u get ur info from tho? u gettin it from the wrong source. if u rlly wanna know abt islam, go grab the translated english version of the quran and read it for urself instead of talkin out yo buttockz, read it and then talk! muslims steal eggs? wtf man! maybe a few guys stole eggs who happened to be muslim, but that still doesnt justify labeling that few as the whole religion of muslims as stealers! dun judge a muslim if u dun even kno the concepts of bein muslim. ur jus hatin us cuz of wat sum extremists did on 9-11…and for ur info, muslims were killed on dat attack too, incluiding sum1 i kno! u shouldn’t judge a religion by wat certain individuals of dat religion has done. ya white pple wouldnt want me judgin u for how ur race treated African Americanz centuries ago…now would u? u white pple wont like me definin u guys by the acts of the kkk which still exists today, u hispanics wont like me judgin u by the gang crips or the latin kings? u blaks wont like me definin u by the bloods? so all i ask iz ya stop judgin us by da terrorists or by egg stealers, bread stealers..and blah blah…well u get mah point rite? therez flaws in every culture, but wat can we do? none of us are to blame for a couple of corrupted individualz! and criminals are punsihed and if they are sorry they mite be forgiven…well i think ur major problem is not repentance, but the repentance of a muslim person, and jus so u kno not all muclim criminals are terrorists! u must get rid of ur convoluted thoughts b4 u judge us! and cmon yo we are the new generation…we shouldnt give 2 fuks about where sumone is from, what god one followz to define that person. It is 2004 and THIS is america..a country of diverse pple who should be more open minded… racism is everywhere and i rlly believe it is impossible to be fully demolished, but hopefully it will gradually cease overtime. neway mah point iz dun judge all muslims by a few muslims….uggh i cant stand hataz..well wat are u gonna do now, call me a terrorist! well tell u wat, i dun give a flyin fuk wat u call me, dun put muslims at fault and dun accuse them of hatin when i bet u neva tried to look at a muslim person past their religion! its like u characterize them solely by their religion! and thas wat makes this world fuqed up!! dis world wont change till pple like u change!

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