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I’ve spoken previously about my belief in education as being the magic bullet to deal with the many problems of various societies. Below are several excerpts from a speech delivered by the Aga Khan at the opening of a new academy in Kenya, and I think they are fairly representative of my own thoughts on the matter.

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Afghanistan Creates Constitution

I am impressed that Afghanistan has managed to create a new constitution. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on it, but I wonder how different it is from the 1964 constitution, which was the last functioning one in the country. I think settling the language issue is key, as it is one of the markers of ethnicity, and one of the big dividing forces in the country. How the Hazaras will be treated is still an open question, as is the role women will play. As the BBC article correctly notes, the country still lacks the rule…

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Current Affairs

Forest for the Trees

The Muslim American Society has been organizing people to boycott Fleet Bank for allegedly discriminating against Muslims. Based on the evidence they, MAS, have presented, I think it’s important to bring any impropriety out and to use not only criminal sanction, but also market sanction. But…

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