Porn and Chicken

OK, the news has broken. The Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo accused of espionage has apparently been charged with adultery and downloading pornography. Not quite espionage. I think TPM has it right in his analysis: it might be that all the information against him cannot be released, but would you then see him back on active duty?

The Boston Globe discusses how the charge against Yee, the chaplain in question, might be the result of hysteria. I think they might be on to something.

I could go on about how this really is a quest for the Justice Department, who now are involved in Iraq because of Ashcroft’s quest for Saddamites wherever they might be, rather than Homeland Security.

I think, though, al-Muhajabah has it right with the title of her post:
cynicism and sarcasm seem to be the best response.”

I feel left out of the loop since I was enjoying the holidays. Thankfully, others were more responsible than me.

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