Chickens coming home to roost

The Arab world and the Saudis in particular seem surprised by the recent bombings in Riyadh. How could this happen against fellow Arabs and Muslims? How could this happen during the month of Ramadan? Why were women and children targetted? The Saudis are waking up to the fact the the intolerance they have spread around the world through their funding of madrassas, Islamic centers, and publications, has not only come home, it perhaps never left. The bombing can not be blamed on a Zionist conspiracy or on American foreign policy. This was a deliberate attack on Muslims by Muslims. A war on terror will only fuel the fire, this is a problem that we as Muslims have to address. We are all familiar with the statement “Islam means peace”, I am tired of this statement. It does not address the fact that there is mass murder happening by Muslims finding justification and strength in Islam for their violent acts. Islam is what is practiced today, not some static, rigid, code of conduct. We as Muslims define Islam. For centuries, we have abdicated our responsibility and let the West define Islam for us. Today, we have turned once again from our collective responsibility and allowed those that would destroy us, to define us and speak for us.

Muslims today, cannot look back at the example of the Prophet to explain Islam. We have to look at the examples of Islam today. In doing so, what you will see will break your heart. If Muslims do not acknowledge the problem, redefine what it means to be Muslim, and speak for an Islam that stands for tolerance, justice, equality, and a multiplicity of understandings, then Islam will continue to be a religion of cowards (us) and fanatics.

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