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Guantanamo Lawyer Harassed

Allegedly. Details here. A question for lawyers in general. Assume a lawyer wasn’t coming from Gitmo on a military plane, where he is clearly a target for investigation. If a lawyer were coming to the US from Canada and had client files, is the Customs Dept. violating confidentiality by going through those files? What if I, as a teacher, had student files on me that are meant to be confidential (strictly entering the US)? Technorati Tags: Guantanamo, war on terror[ism][ists]

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DOJ does a good thing

The Department of Justice did a good thing by forcing New York’s Dept. of Corrections to allow Muslim men to wear a kufi. I particularly like the line in the article “A kufi is a knitted skullcap that carries religious significance for many Muslim men.” The key element, of course, is that it carries significance for some Muslim men, not all. Details via here. Technorati Tags: DOJ, New York, discrimination

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