On Utah’s ‘Silicon Slopes,’ Tech Jobs Get A Lift : NPR

I’m posting this story, because it really is an education story. Look at the quotes. Yes, these companies need engineers, but they also need people who are culturally aware, language savvy, creative and in general, all the things a good humanities/liberal arts education will get you. The future is not an either/or proposition between engineering and literature, but a combination of the two. Unfortunately, as start-ups are looking for these skills, higher education is scaling them back, seeing them as impractical and not profit-making. Too bad the people actually making the money aren’t making the decisions. I actually think higher ed would look different if the geeks were in charge.

On Utah’s ‘Silicon Slopes,’ Tech Jobs Get A Lift : NPR.

“It doesn’t matter. If somebody great comes through the door we’ll find a position for them,” she said. “If you are smart and you are passionate about the consumer Internet and building great products. If you want to have fun at work and be around great people, we want to hear from you.”