SXSW 2007 – Blogging Where Speech Isn’t Free [updated]

Really good panel with:

Jon Lebkowsky Partner, Polycot Consulting LLC

Shahed Amanullah Founder, Halalfire Media LLC

Robert Faris Harvard Law School – Berkman Center

Shava Nerad Exec Dir, The Tor Project

Ethan Zuckerman Co-Founder, Global Voices

Jasmina Tesanovic Blog B92

Good links snagged from panel:

Sept. 11 info. (supplied by Shava at our panel yesterday)

Global Voices

Diary of a Political Idiot


Freedom House


Great to finally meet both Shahed and Ethan. Went to lunch with the two of them, Rob, Rachel, and John Bracken. Great conversation about the hip-hop, internets, national security, and garlic noodles. Any meal that includes a conversation about food, that isn’t a complaint about the food you’re eating, is a good meal.

Would love to do a session with Shahed and Ethan about how we can bridge Muslim voices across the world, instead of having Muslim Americans reinventing the wheel on many debates that have happened/are happening already.

Dinner was with a friend of mine from Harvard. Chipotle Salmon. ’nuff said. Talked about our research, family, the usual stuff.

Back to NY tomorrow.

[Update]: Ethan’s post on the panel.

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