Action Call: Voice of Witness

Voice of Witness » You Can Help Send Interviewers Into the Field.

Voice of Witness is raising funds for a forthcoming book telling the stories of men and women who have experienced human rights abuse and other injustices after 9/11. This book will illuminate the life stories of people who have experienced the violence, violation of rights and civil liberties, and discrimination that has become widespread in the last decade. We welcome the experiences of all people affected by this issue, including but by no means limited to Arabs and Muslims, South Asians, and Middle Easterners in America, whether citizens or not. The book will be edited by acclaimed author Alia Malek, with consulting support from journalist and playwright Wajahat Ali. We aim to collect oral histories of men and women across the US to create a vital historical record of the experiences of injustices experienced by innocent people in a post-9/11 world.