Sen. Kerry Says #Nowruz Mubarak

United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations



March 19, 2010

Contact: Frederick Jones, Communications Director, 202-224-3468

Chairman Kerry Marks The Celebration Of Nowruz, The Iranian New Year

Washington, DC– Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) released the following statement today in celebration of Nowruz:

“Tomorrow marks the onset of Nowruz, the beginning of spring and the first day of the Iranian New Year. It’s an ancient tradition dating back over 3,000 years, celebrated by people throughout Iran, Central Asia, South Asia, Caucasus, Crimea, the Balkans, and here in the United States. I want to join my fellow members of Congress in wishing Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak to all those celebrating this special holiday, including the more than one million Iranian Americans of all religious backgrounds who share this day. Nowruz symbolizes a time of renewal and hope; we all should take a moment to reflect on the shared humanity that ties us together. May this new year bring you peace and prosperity.”

4 thoughts on “Sen. Kerry Says #Nowruz Mubarak

  1. Salaam,
    I’ve heard the same. Probably not too far-fetched. He is definitely related to European royalty, and there was some marriage with the family of the Prophet (SAWS) generations back.

  2. from city of brass:
    New research by Burke’s Peerage reveals that Mr. Kerry is the only presidential candidate in U.S. history who has genealogical descent from Muslims, Jews and Christians.
    Mr. Kerry is kinsman of the Shi’ite shahs of Persia (the most famous was Shah Abbas I, who reigned from 1587 to 1629), as well as the Muslim kings of Tunisia, all of whom � Democratic presidential nominee included � descend from the prophet Muhammad.

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