God in a 100 Words

Patheos asked to describe God in 100 words. They compiled all the responses they received to this “theoblogger” challenge, and the results are interesting. Check out the site. I am one of two Muslims, the other being Svend White from Akram’s Razor, and without speaking to each other about the challenge, we focused on God’s immanence and transcendence. Nice complement.

How would you describe God in a 100 words?

4 thoughts on “God in a 100 Words

  1. Salaams,
    Thanks for the mention. I liked your contribution. The metaphor of light is very effective.
    I was half-tempted to just paste in Ayatul Kursi but that would’ve been cheating!
    Saw the fact in your bio at Patheos that you teach at not only a rabbinical college, but a Reconstructionist one. That must make for some really interesting conversations and comparisons.

  2. Salaam,
    I was torn between Ayat an-Nur and the jugular vein. I was feeling God’s transcendence, so decided to riff off of that.
    The RRC teaching has been absolutely wonderful in terms of sharpening my inter-faith understanding and theology skills.
    Hope to go back next year.

  3. I believe it. I personally don’t always agree with the epistemological approaches one finds among Reform Jews (to say nothing of Reconstructionsts), but I am sometimes jealous of the kinds of theological discussions they can have without getting burnt at the stake. (Something I’ve noticed, if on a less dramatic scale, among Shia scholars.)

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