PFBC – Muslim Worship

Introduction to adhān (call to prayer) and the Fatihah (The Opening; first surah/chapter of the Qur’an, used to begin prayers and activities).

Zikr/dhikr explained. Remembrance of God. Phrases we used below:

Bismillah ir-Raḥmān ir-Raḥīm – In the name of God the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

lā illāh ilā allāh – there is not deity but God

shukrun līllah wa al-ḥamdulīllāh – all thanks and praise are due to God

yā raḥmān yā raḥīm – O Compassionate; O Merciful

Walked through one cycle of prayer in English to demonstrate positions and structure.

CDs used:

Ocean of Remembrance (The CD is apparently no longer available, but it is on iTunes)


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