Plug: America’s Next Great Pundit, Final Round

You’ve invested all this time and effort into Zeba, you know you want to see her win. She deserves this, so final votes in now please.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is it. After nearly 5000 entries and four rounds of competition, I am competing as one of two finalists in the final round of the Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Pundit” Competition. Each round has been decided by online votes so it is because of your help that I have made it this far and I am asking for your help one last time.

Voting for this FINAL round is happening TODAY until 8 pm EST and takes 10 seconds. You can vote here:

I encourage you to read some of my work. My aim has always been to inform and to bring a different perspective to the table and I think my writing has only become stronger with every round.

I am asking for you vote but also for your help by letting your friends and contacts know that they should vote as well. My competitor is quite good at turning out his base and there’s only room for one person to be the overall winner. I hope you’ll help.

Thank you,