Plug: America’s Next Great Pundit Round 3

My friend Zeba has made it through to the next round. It seems WaPo is going to keep making go through these rounds until we give up. No Surrender! Go vote.

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

My apologies for the constant stream of emails, but I’m writing to inform you that thanks to your votes, I made it past Round 2 in the Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Pundit” Competition! But there was little time to celebrate as Round Three was a live Q&A session this morning. Online voting has already begun and will go until tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 17 at 3 pm EST.

I encourage you to read the transcript here:

And as always, I hope I’ve given you reason to vote for me to proceed to the next round. You can vote here:

Should I garner enough votes to proceed, there are two more rounds before the Post determines the overall winner of the competition. So worst and best case scenario, you’ll be finding my name in your inbox two more times this week 🙂

And again, I’d appreciate spreading the word to your contacts – email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thank you,