The Joy and Worries of Parenthood

Two of my friends, Rachel the Velveteen Rabbi and Ayesha, Ms. Rickshaw, are both pregnant. They are both blogging about their experiences, and both posted the linked articles very close to one another. I tend not to get too personal on this space, but both pieces brought out powerful memories of when my wife was pregnant. As cliche as the practice hospital run is, we never did it in NY. We had the “go” bag, but we just needed to hop in a taxi. The only limit we had was that my wife could not go into labor during rush hour or shift changes. We also know the fear of a slip and fall. Our doctor told us to drink OJ, the sugar would get the baby to kick. Sure enough, that was our test, and how we played with the baby in the womb. If you are not already reading these two wonderful women, you should be.

3 thoughts on “The Joy and Worries of Parenthood

  1. It’s such an amazing experience. On the one hand so universal, and on the other hand it feels so unique and absorbing!
    I love the idea of drinking OJ as a way to wake the baby up. I’ve found lately that after each meal I sit for a while with my hand on my belly, waiting to feel him move, just so I know he’s still okay.

  2. It truly is an awe inspiring experience. Awe in that religious sense of recognizing God’s majesty and presence in our lives. No matter how many babies were and will be born, there is none like yours. I am grateful every day.

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