One thought on “Video: MLK Jr. Words on Segregation

  1. Well rdanieg this article was an eye opener. If we can replace Muslims with Jews in this article, then anyone would readily believe that it may be written up by Nazi propaganda machinery.In Islam as far as I know, there is no compulsion in religion. Its in the second chapter of Koran. The verse goes like “La Ikrah Fi Deen”. To think that Muslims are a disease that has spread far and wide is stealing a line from a speach of Hitler against jews. Previously it was the USSR. Now its the Muslims. Who will be next after muslims are defeated?In the end sanity will prevail and God forbid if people like you come to power, they will plunge the world into darkness. Just like the Church in mediaval Europe kept Europeans in the dark by killing the free thinkers, just like Hitler fed similar propaganda to its people and killed so many people in the world.I wont be surprised if you have a portrait of Hitler in your bedroom. I wont be surprised at all even if you salute that portrait every time you write an article like this.Hatred and racist idealogy have caused enough blood shed. People of all faiths in order to justify their killing escapades have been hiding behind the cover of religion. The same is going on here. But I as a person would like to live out my life in peace with my family and friends as a Muslim, and I wish the same for you.I dont know if you wish the same for me though.peace and out.

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