Recently CBS aired a piece on peace options in the Israeli-Palestinian debacle. I thought the segment was fair and universally irritating, doing the job our press is supposed to do: tell the stories, based on reality, that make-up conflict, not make-up stories, based on a desired reality, to tell a conflict. J Street is telling me that they are getting slammed for doing their job. You can see clips of the show and sign a petition supporting CBS on their site. I altered the language of their form letter, and have pasted my version below, for others to use. The problem is that while I believe in J Streets intentions, pro-Israel can be read as anti-Palestinian. I am not. I am pro-peace.

My version:

I appreciated your accurate and thoughtful report on 60 Minutes about Israeli settlements and the threat they pose to efforts to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No matter what you’re hearing from others, know that pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace Americans, of all faiths and of no-faith, support your efforts to provide accurate and thoughtful coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Your segment shows the power that television still has, to relay complex stories in meaningful ways. If we do not see the issues at stake, how can we invest ourselves as honest brokers?


Signed with my real name.