Gaza Crisis [1/21]

  1. A Christian reflection on Gaza. We have to remember, this is not a Jewish-Muslim issue. It’s an Israeli-Palestinian one, which means Christians are involved.
  2. Ted Swedenburg gives us some must reads, many of which have already appeared on islamicate. However, he throws in a cool kufiya pic.
  3. MJ Rosenberg on the uses of “anti-Semitism.” He can’t wait for an end to the lobby. On Bono and Kristol.
  4. Laila points me to Sandy Tolan on Obama and Gaza.
  5. I don’t know how to describe this. In Doha, Darya Shaykh of One Voice said you can focus on the horror or you can realize that after three weeks Israelis and Palestinians were still friends and talking to one another. Bless her.
  6. Hamas and Iran. Not really one big boogeyman.
  7. Ted Swedenburg on a rally in Arkansas. There was also a hip-hop concert. (Published for the record.) More Gaza Music.
  8. Juan Cole on the ceasefire and what the invasion was actually about.
  9. Rebecca has the pertinent excerpt of an op-ed about Israel’s need for criticism. She also points to a letter by a member of B’Tselem.
  10. Richard isn’t satisfied with the ceasefire. While not as pessimistic as he is, I do think there will be a bigger push for Palestinian lands soon, before Obama can get his legs under him. See also.
  11. Fawaz Gerges on Gaza (h/t Thabet). Having just spent 3 days with hundreds of young Arabs, I have to agree that the sympathy for Hamas as resistance, not ideology, is quite high. However, I don’t think it will be lasting if something better is out there. Here is where the US can make a real difference, by offering something tangible that will better the lives of Palestinians.
  12. Richard on whether insanity can every be calculated.
  13. George Mitchell special envoy to Middle East. YES! Christian Arab. Peacemaker. Go bust some heads.
  14. Svend is at his finest here.
  15. Rachel points to some satire of the propaganda war.
  16. Jim Sleeper on his debates on Gaza.
  17. Riyaad Minty on the web wars. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Doha and hope to post more about his work soon. Actually, Aziz does a good summary.