Is Obama Muslim?


Is Obama Muslim? No.

However, Josh tells me 23% of Texans believe that he is. And Aziz says 28% of Kentuckians believe that he is. Aziz also tells me the number is 12% nationally.

So what happens when Obama is elected president? Does that mean that these people will think they are governed by a Muslim? That as a good Muslim he will demand we do things that are anti-American? Things like use our intellect in an engagement with the free-flow of ideas? We’ll all be able to practice our respective faiths freely and openly? We’ll stop fearing each other because we’ll be forced to work together for the common good? That we’ll have to care of the poor and needy? (As a good Muslim, this is what I hold dear from our “law.” So if the fear is that Obama is a good Muslim, this is what I think we’ll have to fear.)

Oh my, this sounds just like the Four Freedoms.